height from pressure (75-term equation)



z = gsw_z_from_p(p,lat,{geo_strf_dyn_height},{sea_surface_geopotental})


Calculates sea pressure from height using computationally-efficient 
75-term expression for specific volume (Roquet et al., 2015).  Dynamic 
height anomaly, geo_strf_dyn_height, if provided, must be computed with
its p_ref = 0 (the surface). Also if provided, sea_surface_geopotental
is the geopotential at zero sea pressure. This function solves 
Eqn.(3.32.3) of IOC et al. (2010)
Note. Height z is NEGATIVE in the ocean. ie. Depth is -z.
 Depth is not used in the GSW computer software library.
Note that the 75-term equation has been fitted in a restricted range of 
parameter space, and is most accurate inside the "oceanographic funnel" 
described in  McDougall et al. (2003).  The GSW library function 
"gsw_infunnel(SA,CT,p)" is avaialble to be used if one wants to test if 
some of one's data lies outside this "funnel". 
Click for a more detailed description of calculating
height from pressure.


p    =  sea pressure                                            [ dbar ]
        ( ie. absolute pressure - 10.1325 dbar )
lat  =  latitude in decimal degrees north                [ -90 ... +90 ]
geo_strf_dyn_height = dynamic height                         [ m^2/s^2 ]
sea_surface_geopotental = geopotential at zero sea pressure  [ m^2/s^2 ]
lat may have dimensions 1x1 or Mx1 or 1xN or MxN, where p is MxN.
geo_strf_dyn_height and geo_strf_dyn_height, if provided, must have 
dimensions MxN, which are the same as p.


z  =  height                                                       [ m ]
Note. At sea level z = 0, and since z (HEIGHT) is defined to be
  positive upwards, it follows that while z is positive in the
  atmosphere, it is NEGATIVE in the ocean.


p =  [   10;   50;  125;  250;  600; 1000;]
lat = 4;
z = gsw_z_from_p(p,lat)
z =
  1.0e+002 *


Trevor McDougall, Claire Roberts-Thomson & Paul Barker.
                                                   [ ]


3.06.13 (29th July, 2021)


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