"oceanographic funnel" 
check for the 75-term equation



in_funnel = gsw_infunnel(SA,CT,p)


SA  =  Absolute Salinity                                        [ g/kg ]
CT  =  Conservative Temperature                                [ deg C ]
p   =  sea pressure                                             [ dbar ]
       ( i.e. absolute pressure - 10.1325 dbar )
SA & CT need to have the same dimensions.
p may have dimensions 1x1 or Mx1 or 1xN or MxN, where SA & CT are MxN.


in_funnel  =  0, if SA, CT and p are outside the "funnel"
           =  1, if SA, CT and p are inside the "funnel"
Note. The term "funnel" describes the range of SA, CT and p over which
  the error in the fit of the computationally-efficient
  expression for specific volume in terms of SA, CT and p was calculated
  (IOC et al., 2010; McDougall et al., 2003; Roquet et al., 2015).


Trevor McDougall and Paul Barker       [ ]


3.05 (16th February, 2015)


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The software is available from