Conservative Temperature freezing point (poly)



CT_freezing = gsw_CT_freezing_poly(SA,p,saturation_fraction)


Calculates the Conservative Temperature at which seawater freezes.
The error of this fit ranges between -5e-4 K and 6e-4 K when compared 
with the Conservative Temperature calculated from the exact in-situ 
freezing temperature which is found by a Newton-Raphson iteration of the 
equality of the chemical potentials of water in seawater and in ice.  
Note that the Conservative temperature freezing temperature can be found
by this exact method using the function gsw_CT_freezing.
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Conservative Temperature freezing.


SA  =  Absolute Salinity                                        [ g/kg ]
p   =  sea pressure                                             [ dbar ]
       ( i.e. absolute pressure - 10.1325 dbar )     

saturation_fraction  =  the saturation fraction of dissolved air  
                        in seawater
(i.e., saturation_fraction must be between 0 and 1, and the 
default is 0, air free) 

p & saturation_fraction (if provided) may have dimensions 1x1 or Mx1
or 1xN or MxN, where SA is MxN.


CT_freezing = Conservative Temperature at freezing of seawater [ deg C ]
              That is, the freezing temperature expressed in
              terms of Conservative Temperature (ITS-90). 


SA = [34.7118; 34.8915; 35.0256; 34.8472; 34.7366; 34.7324;]
p =  [     10;      50;     125;     250;     600;    1000;]
saturation_fraction = 1;
CT_freezing = gsw_CT_freezing_poly(SA,p,saturation_fraction)
CT_freezing =


Paul Barker, Trevor McDougall and Rainer Feistal   [ ]


3.05 (16th February, 2015)


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The software is available from